Backend Python

What are we looking for?

Capturum Software Group is looking for a backend developer who likes making a big impact in a small development team. We are currently taking the platform to the next level, and looking for someone who can improve our API and data platform.

We are a startup working with high tech sensors to provide insights to airport security. Our main product focuses on the security checkpoint (where your hands-on luggage is checked before going on a flight), where we gather data about passenger throughput and provide ways to optimize the process. Our customers include Airports all over the world, like Amsterdam (Schiphol) and Rome.

Why work with us?

Other than good benefits, we work in a niche environment where you can make a big difference with the code you write. You will develop software for both on-premise hardware (our sensors and gateways) and in the cloud connecting traditional on-premise infrastructure to our cloud based environment. Since we expect our product to exist for a long time, we strive for quality and give our developers room to do so.


  • Python (Django);
  • Google Cloud Platform (Cloud SQL – Postgres, BigQuery, Pub/sub, App Engine);
  • Terraform.

What are you capable off:

  • Develop applications in Python using the Django REST Framework;
  • Familiarity with building and maintaining API’s (REST, JSON);
  • Design and build (realtime & event-based) data services deployed to the cloud;
  • Lay the fundamentals for a solid SaaS product based on IoT;
  • Help develop the team by sharing knowledge, challenging your colleagues and pushing for a higher technical level;
  • Experience with multiple forms of databases & data engineering.

A big plus when experienced with:

  • Network configuration (VPN’s, Google Cloud infrastructure);
  • Data science python packages (Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow);
  • Setting up on-premise architecture;
  • IoT devices and infrastructure (eg. MQTT).

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