Leading software development company specialising in industrial automation.

We are Sephia

Sephia is a leading software development company specialising in industrial automation. Sephia offers a range of services including software development, cloud consultancy and DevOps to improve business efficiency and performance.

Sephia’s services are designed to help organisations improve their code quality and achieve faster time-to-market. Sephia is committed to supporting its clients in application planning and development, enabling them to benefit from better results and more efficient operations.

Here's what we do

Sephia provides IT consulting and solutions, specialising in DevOps, cloud, industrial automation and speed quality testing. Sephia provides customised solutions that improve performance, reduce costs and increase competitive advantage.

Sephia uses the latest tools and technologies and works closely with clients to understand challenges. Providing high-quality technology solutions and services to automate processes is what Sephia stands for.

DevOps, cloud and speed quality testing

Sephia is a proud expert in DevOps, cloud solutions and speed quality testing. Its experienced consultants work closely together to understand specific needs and provide solutions perfectly tailored to organisations. At Sephia, we understand that technology investments are important and we are committed to helping companies get the most out of investments.

Industrial automation

Sephia has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of industrial automation. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in implementing advanced automation solutions and integrating various systems to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Working at Sephia

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