We empower aviation security to be agile.

We are GRASP

It’s our business to develop tools that help security professionals make optimal use of available resources and infrastructure iever-changing circumstances.

We master connecting the missing dots. Using smart technologies, we collect new data to create new tools or enrich existing solutions. We unlock fresh insights and possibilities to ensure flawless security.

We are called GRASP for a reason

We use (new) technology-driven data to provide clear insights to optimize the use of resources and infrastructure given any situation. Enabling security professionals to take immediate action if necessary to get control and solve problems before they arise.

GRASP Checkpoint

We automate simple repetitive tasks in physical surveillance by measuring human presence in different situations. Through continuous monitoring we are able to detect anything from a beating heart to a left-behind object. Providing access control systems with accurate and reliable data to make a decision. By automating this process you will reduce costs and have happier staff.

GRASP Access

GRASP provides an end-to-end data management solution that allows airports and security companies to take control of their security process, improving the overall efficiency (more passengers/hour, reducing the amount of lanes required, better staff planning), decreasing €€ spent and it enables a multitude of other solutions; autonomous queueing, passenger forecasting,staff planning and more.

To adapt is to change

We believe each airport requires a unique approach. That’s why our tools are adaptively deployable. Implementing your KPIs? No problem. Scaling up or down? Sure. Connecting more data? Yes, please.

Working at GRASP

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