D’atalier processes important data and information into one convenient dashboard.

We are D'atalier

D’atalier ensures that relevant data and information are converted into useful information. This is done in a handy and clear dashboard. This allows for smarter and faster visualizations and one version of the truth is created. This allows teams to easily make data-driven decisions.

This allows companies to use actionable information to their advantage. D’atalier makes business intelligence simpler, more efficient and accessible to all types of businesses. By integrating dashboards into your business applications, information becomes easily accessible to all members of your teams.

What we do

D’atalier makes business intelligence and data-driven decisions more accessible by offering various BI services. All important data and information clearly laid out in dashboards. By analyzing raw data, we create actionable information, find trends and detect anomalies. Our dashboards are customized for your business.

Insight & Control

D’atalier’s customized dashboards allow you to easily view relevant data and explain your current trends and KPIs.

Data-driven decisions

Our dashboards provide a clear visualization of actionable data. Teams can use this data to make data-driven decisions.

Reports & Analytics

Combine and structure different data sources to create one dashboard with all the data you need. Gather the insights you need to make important decisions.

Working at D'atalier

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